The Missing Link When It Comes to Well-Being

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Well-being is what enables us to flourish. There is a significant body of research showing that people who have high levels of well-being receive many positive outcomes: they are more resilient, have more energy, and are healthier and happier. They’re also more charitable, are better liked by others, are more creative and productive at work, and earn more money.

There is no magic pill that guarantees well-being, but there are simple tools that have proven positive effects on our wellness. I have been deeply passionate about this topic for decades, so much so that after completing my master’s degree in business I completed a second master’s in wellness and positive psychology to investigate the science as well as the practice of being well and thriving on all levels.

The key in my sentence above is the words thriving on all levels. We need to take a holistic approach when it comes to well-being and look at the things that make us feel physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned.

It’s through this broader, holistic lens that our purpose comes into the equation, and it’s often the missing link when we are trying to thrive. Often, the focus on well-being centres around our physical well-being. As a society in recent years, we are getting better at talking about our mental health. But what still gets missed from the discussion is our emotional energy, our spiritual well-being, our connection to purpose, and our connection to serving something greater than ourselves.

A sense of purpose keeps us grounded and is one of the most enduring sources of energy that helps us overcome many other limitations around our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Developing a sense of meaning and belonging is one of the biggest factors for happiness, productivity, and engagement at work.

It makes sense. If we’re living with a sense of purpose that feels aligned with our values, it gives us that intrinsic motivation and drive that fuels so much of what we do. The happiness and fulfillment that comes from living in alignment with your own set of values and purpose is powerful. It allows you to live in an authentic way, show up as your whole self, and live in integrity.

And it’s not only a personal sense of purpose that enhances your well-being: connecting to something greater than yourself every day also helps. This isn’t a prescription. It’s about determining what connecting to something greater than yourself means for you. It could be through prayer. It may be through being in nature or through contemplation. Maybe you read spiritual or yogic texts, or through some form of philosophy.

How are you cultivating that spiritual energy and then connecting with people and your community in ways that matter to you?

I invite you to reflect on this question and consider what your day and life would look like if you could bring in more focus on your spiritual well-being and energy.

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